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    Garnier, Take Care!

January 13, 2011

Garnier, Take Care!

When thinking about haircare and skincare products “Garnier” is the name that comes first on everyone's mind. Sold in over 70 countries worldwide, the brand has established itself as one of the most prominent cosmetics trademarks of high quality in the world.

The first ever product of this brand was created by Alfred Garnier in 1904, this product was a hair tonic. In the 1920s “Laboratories Garnier” became a well known manufacturer of haircare cosmetic products made with various organic ingredients. Garnier has been the daughter brand of the internationally renowned L'Oreal since 1965, keeping the tradition to use natural ingredients in their products alive up to now.

Garnier's innovatory impact on the cosmetics market commenced with the launch of the hair tonic mentioned above, when people still used soap to wash their hair. In addition to that, it was the first to produce sun-care items and the very first who made a permanent home hair color.

Nowadays the brand promotes 3 product lines: Nutrisse, Nutritionist and Fructis. Fructis is a line of styling and haircare products launched in 1996. Nutrisse was released in 2002. A prior attempt to initiate Nutrisse was made in 1998, the line being called Natea. Natea was less successful in the US than in Europe, as a result the name was changed. Nutritionist was launched in 2005 and represents Garnier's skincare products line.

It is also worth mentioning that Garnier is an example of L'Oreal's attention on scientific study. Garnier's researching process goes through a number of stages. Clinical and Consumer studies are conducted before any product is released, and surveys are carried out afterwards.

Kosmetiko.com is proud to promote Garnier wholesale products on the Internet to customers around the world and help distributors spread items made using organic ingredients on the cosmetics market that has been using artificial components in products for decades.

Kosmetiko.com wholesale cosmetics platform recommends: “Take care” of yourself! Use Garnier “For hair that shines with all its strength!” and “Great skin from the inside out!”!

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