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    The Magnificent Magnate of Chanel

January 20, 2011

The Magnificent Magnate of Chanel

When Gabrielle Chanel (“Coco” Chanel) opened a small shop in Paris in 1909, she was unaware that her name will become a symbol of elegance, luxury and high fashion throughout the world. Also, she couldn't possibly know that the most beautiful women in the world would later be proud to become spokesmodels for the fragrance that is a classic in perfumery – Chanel Nr.5. The story behind this name is simple. Following a line of coincidences, the perfume was launched on the fifth day of the fifth month of the year and the scent was chosen from sample number 5.

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Chanel's presence in the United States of America was established on November 18, 1924 when it registered two trademarks. Ever since, the brand continuously grew in popularity and its founder Coco Chanel became one of the most remarkable fashion icons of the 20th century. The Chanel's little black dresses, purses, handbags, lipsticks and of course elegant fragrances are a must-have in every devoted fashionista's closet.

Chanel cosmetics include a wide range of high quality make-up and skincare products. Chanel's lip glosses and lipsticks are presented in timeless shades that reflect elegance and style. Powders, eye and lip definers, as well as nail polishes are used to give any vintage or modern look a glamorous touch. Wearing Chanel N5, Chanel Mademoiselle or any other fragrance of the brand airs a scent of seduction and freshness that completes any look.

Thus, Chanel is the brand that offers women the possibility to be brilliant, elegant and glamorous from head to toe. Also, Chanel has not overlooked the demand for male high fashion and select fragrances. Eau de Toilettes currently commercialized by Chanel include Bleu de Chanel, Allure Homme, Egoiste and Blanche along with a few other famous fragrances.

Some renowned names that have helped promote the brand on the international cosmetics market are Nicole Kidman, Keira Knighly Audey Tautou, Vanessa Paradis, Catherine Deneuve, Carol Bouquet, and, most prominent of all, Marylin Monroe.

For the cosmetics businesses that target high society fashion-mongers, Chanel is an obligatory brand. Kosmetiko.com gives you the possibility to purchase wholesale Chanel cosmetics at convenient prices. Those seeking to sell the brand's luxury cosmetics products on the Internet would also find Kosmetiko.com handy and comfortable in placing selling offers at the desired terms.

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