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October 22, 2010

Kosmetiko.com is an on-line marketplace launched recently on the Internet, which aims to provide simple solutions to business development strategies among wholesalers and retailers of cosmetic products. Its main target customers are young companies that look to promote their products on the web and local businesses searching for affordable prices and reasonable providers. The trading platform is simple and implies no more than placing buying or selling offers on merchandise.

What are the benefits of Kosmetiko.com for wholesalers?

  • No need to locate customers, the system will provide potentially corresponding offers and the contact information to businesses that match the company's indicated requirements.
  • Kosmetiko.com is a free and easy way to promote products on the Internet and to get maximum benefit from it. There are no financial risks involved and no additional expenditures.
  • Starting new business relationships or cooperations with the desired retail companies, is another crucial moment.

The above are just a few advantages of the new on-line B2B marketplace to wholesalers around the world. The main distinctive feature is that companies do not simply post their profiles and products on a widely available and reliable source waiting for their target customers to notice them, but they are notified immediately once a match to their terms and conditions is identified. This guarantees to increase profits simultaneously decreasing efforts and time spent on achieving this goal.

What are the benefits of Kosmetiko.com for retailers?

  • Those implied in retailing will find business opportunities offered by Kosmetiko.com very handy. This will especially relate to young companies that have little experience in finding the perfect provider of the desired products and lack reliability due to their uncertain position on the market.
  • Retailers will be able to indicated precisely what they want to purchase, at what price and in which amount, obtaining exact or partial matches to their queries.
  • Companies will be able to start new business relationships, contact desired providers, identify and analyze the targeting market.

Becoming a member of Kosmetiko.com requires filling in some registration information and waiting for the moderators of the website to accept the application. Due to the large amount of fraudulent websites and on-line resources each account is verified thoroughly before it is validated. This is done to avoid any fake accounts and the occurrence of unpleasant incidents with our loyal customers.

The basic terms that need to be remembered while using this wholesale marketplace are selling offers or buying requests and trading floor. To make things crystal clear: a selling offer is placed by wholesalers who seek to trade their products for most convenient prices, whilst retailers place buying requests, in order to acquire products at best affordable prices on the market. These two notions meet each other on the trading floor where all offers and requests are displayed and available for analysis.

Despite the fact that Kosmetiko.com has not yet proven to be standing on a solid ground its risk-free opportunities give it a great potential. It is opening new doors and offering perfect business solutions to wholesalers and retailers of cosmetic products around the world. Once Kosmetiko.com builds its own business community and proves its reliability on the Cosmetics Wholesale market , it will inevitably become the first marketplace any related business will apply to.

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