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Custo Barcelona's origin: Spain 
Brand description:  The Dalmau brothers, Custo and David, created Custo Barcelona in the early 80’s after a long trip travelling all around the world. On their journey, they not only discovered new landscapes but also a large variety of artistic, cultural and philosophical expressions.For them, the most interesting part was the typically Californian style they saw on the surfers who lived in Southern California and the psychedelic look they observed in Northern California. The brothers were impressed by the colorful and innovative fashion trends they came across, especially the style of the tops and T-shirts, a style that didn’t exist in Spain at the time. That trip was the starting point from which they launched the brand under the name “Custo Line”. The Dalmau brothers got to work and learned everything there was to know about printing techniques and finishes, and they paid special attention to graphic design, a field they felt particularly comfortable with. Over time, their research into the use of color and prints has led to designs that are innovative, bold and sophisticated. Later on, all kinds of new garments were introduced to complement Custo Barcelona’s trademark printed tops, such as skirts, pants and coats, thus giving rise to complete collections. Nowadays, one could say that Custo Barcelona is a style in itself, one that, to a certain extent, embodies a specific lifestyle.
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