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Aviator Skin and Hair's origin: United States 
Brand description:  Is it any wonder that the aviator has become an enduring masculine ideal? WWII’s daredevil fighting aces braved dizzying heights and breakneck speeds to conquer the enemy and take back the wide blue skies. The Aviator line of grooming products was designed to hearken back to those distant days of camaraderie, courage and style. Modern men have much to learn from the aviator’s ability to look dashing, even under tough, high-stress situations. Today, we need quality products that help us face a fast-paced, competitive world with a confident attitude and a polished image. Inspired by the sleek, classic esthetic of the WWII fighter pilots, Aviator aims to develop grooming products that focus on highly active ingredients that deliver results—nothing more, and nothing less. Today’s men are still expected to deal with major stress, lack of sleep and a fast-paced lifestyle while looking their best. Now they can, with Aviator products acting as their trusted wingmen.
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