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Eucerin's origin: Germany 
Brand description:  Many products that are available from pharmacies today such as ointments, creams, or special lotions for sensitive skin can trace their roots back to a single basic ingredient: Eucerin. The ointment base produced using the emulsifying agent Eucerit enabled active ingredients in ointment form to be applied directly to the skin. The theoretical groundwork for this was laid by Dr. Isaac Lifschütz in 1898. After extensive tests, he applied for a patent for the new emulsifying agent, Eucerit, in 1900; this was granted after some delay in 1902. When mixed with mineral fats, the compound developed by Lifschütz, Eucerinum anhydricum, became a hydrophilic ointment base that could be stored indefinitely. The product's success started after Lifschütz sold his patent in 1911 to Beiersdorf and was working for the company as a chemist. n the meantime, the Eucerin range comprises eight high-quality product lines offering consumers tailor-made solutions for all skin problems.
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