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Gerry Weber's origin: Germany 
Brand description:  The union of tennis and fashion propelled Gerry Weber International AG into its position as one of Europe's leading fashion labels. Founded in 1973, the German company gained brand name recognition as a sponsor of tennis champion Steffi Graf during the 1980s. In the 1990s, the company began sponsoring the Gerry Weber Open, a sort of German Wimbledon, which further publicized the label. The company's responsiveness to retailers' needs also helped sales grow, so that Gerry Weber posted increasing sales throughout the 1990s while the fashion industry as a whole was performing poorly. Gerry Weber now designs and sells women's clothing under three main labels. The core Gerry Weber label offers modern clothing with a classical feel for the mid- to high-price market segments and has a market recognition of about 60 percent in Germany. The Taifun label, offering business apparel for younger consumers at mid-range prices, is the company's second strongest label. The third label, Samoon, is a collection of separates in plus sizes and accounts for about 10 percent of sales. In addition, the Gerry Weber name has been licensed for the production of shoes, eyewear, handbags, jewelry, and a fragrance. The company sells most of its apparel through the so-called "shop-in-shop" system, in which retailers set aside a minimum amount of floor space for one of the Gerry Weber labels in exchange for advertising and display support from the company. In addition, the company oversees more than 50 "Houses of Gerry Weber," where a full selection from all three labels is available in an exclusive Gerry Weber store. About 40 percent of the company's sales are abroad, mainly in exports to Western Europe, although sales in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East are growing. The company is led by cofounders Gerry Weber and Udo Hardieck.
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