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  How Kosmetiko.com works?
  • Kosmetiko.com B2B trading platform

    Kosmetiko.com is the web's only B2B cosmetics trading platform that provides quality business leads for its wholesaler members. Our goal is to create the world's largest on-line business community of professional cosmetics traders, wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers and provide them with all the necessary tools to easily exchange information and close deals.

  • Publish selling offers or buying requests

    Kosmetiko.com's core competency is to facilitate deal-making between buyers and sellers of cosmetics

    On the one hand, Kosmetiko.com provides tools to publish information about a trader's stocks (product catalogs, price lists, etc) - selling offers.

    On the other hand, Kosmetiko.com allows traders publish their interest in purchasing cosmetics stock - buying requests.

  • Initiate a deal and negotiate

    Initiating a deal can happen two ways. You can browse or search selling offers or buying requests. When you find something that interests you, simply click on "Initiate Deal" (Make a Deal).

    A more efficient way to initiate deals is to publish your buying request or selling offer and Kosmetiko.com will find complementary matches based on the product. As we find matches, you will be notified and you can initiate deals.

    Once the deal is initiated and the seller accepts, the negotiation process begins.

  • Build your reputation

    To avoid scams and promote trust among the members of our community, we verify all the members that join our platform. In addition we have built an advanced feedback system.

    As a member of Kosmetiko.com you can rate other users and write reviews about them and the deals you've had with them.

    With enough successfully concluded deals and positive feedbacks we promote members to "Trusted Member" status. This status allows members have trust that they will not be scammed when dealing with a trusted member.

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    Kosmetiko.com's main goal is to create a cosmetics trading platform where sellers and buyers meet and forge win-win relationships.

    We provide the tools our members use to publish selling offers and buying requests and make deals. As our members conclude successful deals and receive positive feedback we promote them to "Trusted Member" status which helps them make even more deals.

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