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  • Kosmetiko.com is a world-class cosmetics wholesale trading platform where sellers and buyers meet to make deals. To facilitate the deal-making process, we have assembled a variety of trading tools our users can choose from.

  • 1. Deals
    Publish buying requests and selling offers

    The content on our trading platform is why our users join our site and keep using it. Most of the content is user generated in the form of buying requests and selling offers. Submitting a request or offer couldn't be any easier. Since we already have a very large database of classified products, all that needs to be done is to filter down to your product based on category, product type and brand then enter the request or offer specific data such as price, quantity and special comments.

    Matching buying request to selling offers

    Once the requests and offers are published, the matching process can take place via:

    • our automatic matching mechanism, or
    • users manually search through all requests or offers

    Initiate Deal

    Once a seller and buyer have been matched, either party can initiate a deal. When initiating a deal, as a buyer, the wholesaler counters the originally listed price in the selling offer and adds the required quantity. As a seller on the other hand, the wholesaler has to provide the price per item and available product quantity.

    Accept or decline interest in a deal

    Once a deal has been initiated, it is up to the corresponding party to accept or decline the deal. After the deal has been accepted, negotiation starts.

  • 2. Feedback

    At Kosmetiko.com we continuously strive to build a community of quality cosmetics wholesalers. To this end, we allow users to rate their experience with other members of the platform. Once deals are accepted, users can rate their experience as positive, neutral, or negative with an option to add some comments to the feedback. With enough positive feedback and a proven track history of successfully completed deals, members can earn a "Trusted Member" status which allows other users have confidence that the Trusted member can be a reliable partner.

  • 3. Messaging

    Whenever it makes sense, users can send each other private messages to exchange ideas and information and discuss possible deals. The messaging system follows a typical format for an email system. You can view old message exchanges and are notified when you have new messages.

  • 4. Save contacts

    As more members join our platform and as users increasingly spend time on our platform, managing contact details becomes critical to efficiently using the site. As with the messaging system, we have not invented a new way of managing contacts. We have just made it easy for users to add, remove and interacted with interesting members of the site.

  • 5. Trading Board

    Aside from communicating with the members of our site privately through the messaging system we allow users to broadcast a message to all members of the site. On the trading board users can post price lists, show interest in specific brands or partnership in specific types of members of the site.

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    Kosmetiko.com's main goal is to create a cosmetics trading platform where sellers and buyers meet and forge win-win relationships.

    We provide the tools our members use to publish selling offers and buying requests and make deals. As our members conclude successful deals and receive positive feedback we promote them to "Trusted Member" status which helps them make even more deals.

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