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Make-up has a few subcategories: Blush, Lipstick, Lip gloss, Lip liner, Lip plumper, Lip balm, Concealer, Foundation, Mascara, Nail polish, Powder. These subcategories have different features but one common goal – to emphasize your natural beauty. At Kosmetiko.com you can trade make-up wholesale

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The Body Care consists of many cosmetic products, which are intended to moisturize, protect you from hazardous sun rays, brown the skin, as well as repair or hide skin imperfections. These products belong to the following subcategories Antiperspirant+Deodorant, Bath Salt+Oil, Fizzies+Bubbles, Body Lotion, Body Powder, Body Scrubs, Cellulite Treatment, Fragrance, hair Removal+Shaving and many, many others.

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Face care means making your face, skin, lips and eyelashes look attractive and youthful. In other words, face care may show the beauty of your face due to the necessary products application, whether it is a moisturizer application or just a deep cleansing of the facial skin. This category consists of several subcategories: After shave, Anti-Aging, Blemish + Acne control, Eye Treatments, Make-Up Remover, Moisturize and many others. If you constantly use a product, which belongs to one of the mentioned subcategories, it means- you are on the right way to improving you natural outlook.

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Hair Care Category is also regarded as a part of hygiene and cosmetology, involving the hair on the human head. Hair care may differentiate because of one's hair type and according to various processes that can be applied to hair. This category possesses the following subcategories: Conditioner, Hair+Scalp Treatments, Hair accessories, Hair Color, Hair Spray+Finishing Spray, Other Styling Tools, Razors, Rollers, Curlers, Shampoo and many other products, which are suitable for a maintenance of a healthy glow of your hair.

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